Vision & Mission

Vision of the Wilson Centre

A global leader in advancing healthcare education and practice through research.
The vision of the Wilson Centre highlights its aspiration to be a global leader, and reiterates its fundamental role in research that advances healthcare education and practice. These are not two discrete activities; rather, research in healthcare education informs practice, and research in the practice of healthcare informs education. The mission statement identifies what an organization does to achieve its vision. The mission of the Wilson Centre encapsulates three parallel paths towards realising the vision.

Mission of the Wilson Centre

The Wilson Centre will:

  • Foster the discovery of theory and new knowledge relevant to advancing healthcare education and practice.

  • Foster translation of new knowledge by promoting creative synergies between diverse theoretical perspectives, and between theory and practice.

  • Cultivate future research leaders in healthcare education and practice.

View our Strategic Refresh Report 2017-2020 (pdf)