Cross Appointed Researchers

Cross-appointed Researchers have research responsibilities in conjunction with educational, administrative or clinical responsibilities. Their primary appointment may be within the broader University of Toronto/TAHSN academic community, outside of the Wilson Centre. They may serve as principal investigators or co-investigators in programs of research that advance knowledge relevant to health professions education. Cross-appointed Researchers are not expected to assume administrative responsibilities related to the functioning of the Wilson Centre. They play an important role in advancing the academic mission of the Wilson Centre through research collaborations with Scientists and participation in monthly research rounds.  Appointments to the Cross-appointed Researcher category will be made on the basis of participation in research relevant to health professions education, as well as sustained collaborations with other Wilson Centre members.

Fahad Alam Anaesthesia
Zubin Austin The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Lindsay Baker Psychiatry

Zia Bismilla Paediatrics
Rodrigo Cavalcanti Medicine
Laura Dempster Faculty of Dentistry
Risa Freeman Family & Community Medicine
Susan Glover Takahashi Post Graduate Medical Education
Joanne Goldman  Medicine

Mark D. Hanson Psychiatry
Michael Kidd  Family & Community Medicine
Jana Lazor Family & Community Medicine
Karen Leslie Paediatrics
Susan Lieff Psychiatry
Gianni Lorello Anaesthesia.
Sanjay Mehta Pediatrics
Brenda Mori Physical Therapy
Joyce Nyhof-Young Family & Community Medicine
Kathryn Parker Paediatrics

Aviv Shachak -- Institute of Health Policy, Management, & Evaluation   
Ivan Silver Psychiatry
David Wiljer Psychiatry
Rory Windrim  Obstetrics & Gynecology