Visiting the Wilson Centre

The Wilson Centre Visiting Scholars and International Relations Program is designed to welcome visitors from other institutions who come to the Wilson Centre for as little as a few days or as much as a year.

Each year, dozens of visitors from around the world enrich the activities of the Centre by presenting rounds and journal clubs, sharing ideas and collaborating on research projects. As well, the Wilson Centre hosts one or more visiting scholars each year from countries that have included France, Ethiopia, Singapore, Denmark, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Brazil. The Wilson Centre has formal institutional collaborations with Imperial College in London and Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, and is in the process of formalizing other such partnerships with centres around the world.

Individuals visiting the Wilson Centre generally fit into one of four categories. The definitions of these categories, expectations of the visitor, application procedure and Wilson Centre commitment for each type of visitor is described below.

Visiting Scholar

These positions are intended for faculty appointed to a recognized university interested in pursuing formal collaborations with Wilson Centre scientists or for students in recognized educational programs who are interested in setting up an elective learning experience. This category is intended for visits to the Centre that last two weeks or more, up to one-year maximum.

Visiting scholars are considered members of the Wilson Centre community while they are visiting the Centre and thus have numerous opportunities to engage in Wilson Centre educational activities. 

The application process includes:
1.    Letter of intent – indicating the established period of visit, research plan, objectives, what you would like to get out of your visit, who will be supervising/overseeing your visit.
2.    Skype, telephone or in person interview with potential supervisor/Liaison
3.    Current curriculum vitae
4.    Two letters of recommendations [one should be from the person you report to]
5.    Availability and agreement of Wilson Centre Scientist to act as Liaison or Supervisor
6.    Approval from Senior Management Committee 

Visiting scholars will work on a specific time-limited scholarly project relevant to the Wilson Centre mandate, in collaboration with Wilson Centre Scientist(s) or Fellows.

The Wilson Centre does not provide funding for these visits and fees may apply depending on the circumstances.

At the end of the visit, Visiting Scholars will submit a written report of the Wilson Centre experience to the Strategic Lead International.

Invited Scholar

This category is intended for individuals who are invited to conduct various educational activities such as scholarly presentations, seminars, workshops etc. for members of the Wilson Centre.

By invitation of a member of the Wilson Centre and approval by its Senior Management Committee, Invited Scholars visit the Centre for up to a week.

The details of the visit are negotiated at the point of invitation.


These are short informal visits that last two days or less and may lead to more formal collaborations.

Requests to visit as an Observer are received in writing and approved by a designated Committee or Scientist of the Centre.

Observers receive a tour of the Centre and meet available Scientists and Fellows.

For more information please contact Mariana Arteaga and Dr. Tina Martimianakis, Strategic Lead International -