Hodges Symposium 2017

The ‘Brian D. Hodges Symposium’ will be held at the BMO Education & Conference Centre located at Toronto Western Hospital. We are very honoured to welcome Dr. Alyssa Wise as our keynote speaker. Included in our exciting agenda is an opportunity to interact with numerous Wilson Centre scientists, researchers, fellows, and other community members in networking and brainstorming session. 

8:00-8:45     Light breakfast

8:45- 9:00    Introductions and welcome

Alyssa Wise.jpg

9:00-9:45    Dr. Alyssa Wise - "Medical Education in the Age of Big Data”
Associate Professor of Learning Sciences & Educational Technology Educational Communication and Technology Program
Steinhardt, New York University



9:45-10:40    Panel Discussion + Q&A:  Implications for Healthcare Training & Systems

  • Dr. Elise Paradis, Assistant Professor, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy & Department of Anesthesia, University of Toronto
  • Dr. Mahan Kulasegaram, Assistant Professor - Department of Family & Community Medicine, University of Toronto
  • Dr. Laura Walker, Chief Medical Resident, St. Michael’s Hospital
  • Dr. Brian D. Hodges, Executive Vice-President, Education, University Health Network
  • Dr. Alyssa Wise, Associate Professor, New York University

10:40-10:55    Break

11:00-12:00    Structured Networking Sessions

  • Analytics and Big Brother: Social and Cultural Implications
  • Learning Analytics and Health Systems Change
  • Learning Analytics, Curricula and Assessment in Competency By Design
  • HPE Research in the age of Big Data 

12:00-1:00    Lunch

1:00-2:30    Oral Presentations
1:00-1:15    Lynfa Stroud et al. - Feedback credibility in a formative postgraduate OSCE: effects of examiner type
1:15-1:30     Zia Bismilla et al. - “All the ward’s a stage” - observation and feedback in the setting of I-PASS handoff: a dramaturgical perspective
1:30-1:45    Aviv Shachak et al. - Enhancing family medicine residents' performance in computerized settings through simulation-based training
1:45-2:00       Sarah Wright et al. - Assessment drives learning. . . or studying?
2:00-2:15    Sandra Monteiro et al. - From Gestalt to EPA: Seeing the forest through the trees (and the flower)
2:15-2:30     Dean Lising et al. - Development and integration of a common interprofessional care competency framework and team assessment matrix across health care organizations

2:30-2:45     Closing Remarks – Dr. Cynthia Whitehead, Director, The Wilson Centre

Information: mariana.arteaga@uhn.ca; 416-340-3646